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Music of an Elvish Bent

If you asked me “What does Elvish rock music sound like?” I'd say “Yes.”
Jörg Rhiemeier

I have somewhat eclectic musical tastes, and over the years I've collected a catalog of songs and artists that, for one reason or another, somehow bespeak an Elvish vibe. Here is a selection of the best.

Table of Contents

Progressive Rock

Psychedelic and Neo-Folk

Renaissance and Medieval Music

Traditional and World Music


Gothic Intertwinings

When people ask me what my musical tastes are, I sometimes joke, “everything I like is either an ancestor or a descendent of gothic rock.” And it's mostly true. Goth rock tends to have an ethereal, slightly spooky, off-the-beaten path kind of feel to it that I think goes well with an Elvish aesthetic. And goth rock itself is just the trunk of a massive tree with endless ramifications in both roots and branches.

Indie Rock


Techno and Electronic Music

Game Soundtracks

New Age

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