The Metanet

The Metanet is a layer of links and organization superimposed on the portions of the World Wide Web that I've explored. It's basically a library catalog for the World Wide Web.

You can browse and filter the Metanet by clicking on links. For example, a link like minimalism (4) will display all the sites with a minimalist aesthetic. The (4) lets you know that there are 4 sites in that category.

Enter the Metanet

Please note that while I've made an effort to include content warnings for linked-to sites, I have no control over what the authors post, so the warnings may go out of date.


Why did you do this?

I'm creating the Metanet to make it easier to find high-quality websites made by actual humans.

How do I add sites?

You can send me suggestions via Neocities comment. Please note that all suggestions are subject to editorial review.

If you're interested in running your own metanet, let me know. I can send you a JavaScript file and instructions for how to use it. Perhaps someday there will be a whole network of metanets (a meta-metanet?)!

Why do I see different links every time I visit?

Links get shown in a random order every time a page loads, to avoid biasing traffic toward specific sites.

Isn't this an old idea?

Yep! I was inspired by webrings, Vannevar Bush's Memex concept, library card catalogs, and text adventures.

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