Rivendell's Index of Constructed Languages

This is my (probably quixotic) attempt to catalog all of the constructed languages that have a notable HTML presence. I'll be updating this periodically as I discover more languages.

This list is inspired by Richard Kennaway's incomparable List of Constructed Languages. Sadly, that list hasn't been updated in many years and lots of the links are dead (RIP Geocities...). This list collects the remaining languages from Richard's list and adds some new ones.

Alphabetic List of Languages

  • Adelic is a Germanic-style artlang.

    Vellmöst! dü teed bintde de attlðunges gæmmstadd.

    “Hello! and welcome to the Adelic Language Page.”

  • AllNoun is more like a notation for semantics than a speakable language. It expresses the meaning of English sentences using only English nouns and a few special symbols. It is designed by Tom Breton.

    .father us:child heaven:place you. need consecration (you m:^name):patient.

    “Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.”

  • Almalinë is an Elvish-inspired language that's quite easy to learn.

    Télminal bei ablanen. Nui mectar nyen.

    “I can eat glass. It doesn't hurt me.”

  • Almaqerin is a language from the world of Silé, created by Didier Willis.

    mahanantelann dogoth o·vel ne nirshanter.

    “He opened the chest that I had offered him.”

  • Alphistian is the official language of Alphistia and Project Alphistia. It is the creation of Tony Skaggs.

    Trist, yem nu enske ya vehatvase. Da!

    “I'm sorry, but I must leave now. Goodbye.”

  • Aluric or Alurhsa is spoken on the planet Alurhna. It was constructed to unite the planet's people during the Enesnerrëvensës or Unification. It looks very complete, but all the information about it is in Esperanto.

    Shthe lhôñ úmázhë ¿áms, ddá hálÿ ñelef réqásválÿ dyárán?

    “Who are these people, and how did I not know about them?”

  • An'dorian is spoken by An'dorians, a blue-skinned alien race from Star Trek. Their four castes each pronounce vowels differently, and use different pronouns. Nouns are divided into eight classes: abstract, animate, flat, long, round, sentient, spongy, and wet.

    Iit im Thezuraa oth emzireeng

    “Go ask the Philosophers”

  • ámman-îar is a language by David Bell, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's languages.

    i galdranne eleth en i feng ernurgoraen

    “Galdor slew the dragon.”

  • Anawanda is a language by Tommaso Donnarumma.

    muullúúrattuu la taa riicám

    “Climb the stone for me.”

  • Aninese is spoken by the people of Anin, a country in central Betelavis, on the planet of Uteged.

    Azarade alovès ,co diomamoiroènibone òsa co dionamoroènine

    “One is not King through former deeds, but through continuing ones.”

  • Arcana Verba, a Celtic-themed family (?) of languages. Currently there are several wordlists and some materials on real-world and Tolkien languages.

  • Arden was designed for personal communication by Tommaso Donnarumma and Jean-François Smith.

    vilhe cer remen lei

    “Keep my joy with you.”

  • Arkian is the official literary language of the Ark Federation. It is created by Jan Havlis.

    Enrojumesdu firab kastieba enbantunge

    “He left because the house was old.”

  • Arovën, the "language of thought" is the artlang counterpart to the logical language Danovën. It is intended to mimic the nonlinear, network-like structure of human thought. Made by Joshua Shinavier.

    Ëldyavay taylen nil brijän

    “I saw a microbe in that inn.”

  • Bendeh has no firm divisions between parts of speech. It is designed by Nathaniel Lew.

    Bynuh rozxguf enov

    “In case of fire, do not open the door”

  • Biyuron was designed to be a “less high-sounding and more harmonious” sister-language of Draseléq. Both are created by Pablo Flores.

    Facifa nwii Ngarsam, ein ngeivaza shur acu.

    “Ngarsam saw the shaft of light and covered his eyes.”

  • Bogomol is a “quantum language” spoken by an insectoid species of the planet Amaterasu. Any given syllable (really, syllables in the language are three-note chords) has many possible meanings, which collapse into a single meaning when a “ranking syllable” is uttered. Created by Teresh.

    med var myap saz maan

    “I see Mother”

  • Borg is spoken by the Borg of Star Trek. It has an elegant infix-based derivational morphology. A ten-lesson course in the language is provided along with the grammar. Created by Terrence Donnelly, a.k.a. Teresh.

    neqan lhu peDHan

    “a certain amount of nutrients”

  • Ciravesu is the lingua franca of the Ciravean Empire. Created by Pablo Flores.

    Eceni ty unumb' eceva.

    “That which was, shall be again.”

  • Curco is a language descended from Draseléq. Its phonology is similar to Quenya; its grammar is much like that of Japanese. Made by Pablo Flores.

    Tai fisin zeus hentec zap tamal njazausam soldar njas mercas.

    “The years just passed like swift sweet draughts of white mead.”

  • Danovën is an unambiguous logical language by Joshua Shinavier.

    Corim wëlnyavay nëlene harden bayre.

    “In silence I beheld the sadly beautiful green lands.”

  • Dapiica is a polysynthetic ergative/absolutive language with pitch accent. Created by Avery Lychee.

    higomuniʔo iguʃcaʃtidiβ

    “I always love your potions.”

  • Denden is a fictional language with many example texts, by Boudewijn Rempt.

    Aya! sémari'ryadhe gabu ni

    “I wish I was a porcelain cup”

  • Draseléq is an inflecting language with a European flavor. Invented by Pablo Flores.

    Gunúltentan tàgunúlulmür
    füleq roddhersen màss
    Fustaq i rront-essalül siarn
    mi sian thunthn thundeq padhanth

    “In the north far away in the north
    the trees stopped growing
    and the great and blue summoned us
    and the waves called our names”

  • DJ is a musical language invented by Robbie C.

  • Dunnek is spoken by the Dun people of western/central Europe and the British Isles. It is based on triconsonantal roots, much like Arabic. Created by Terrence Donnelly, A.K.A. Teresh.

    idaa kanish halk fiiq kaaf?

    “How do you know this man?”

  • Dutton World Speedwords, or Rap Lin Rie, is a shorthand system that doubles as an international language. Invented by Reginald Dutton.

    B i u la sig, w p n diwe -- w p n disak -- w p n masak -- c plag.

    “But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate -- we cannot consecrate -- we cannot hallow -- this ground.”

  • Esei is a language by Tuomo Sipola. It is inflecting and distinguishes between two different "grades" of consonants that are used in different grammatical situations.

    Nateri ani waen padao teni ti, terenau mis, ka lede ba so waen kevinavu.

    “Only God is as wise as you, my king, and that is not sure.”

  • Folkspraak is an attempt to create an international language for speakers of Germanic languages. It originally “developed in the mid-1960's as a pidgin speech used by and among an interdenominational and international monastic community located in an abandoned medieval convent on a small island off the western coast of Denmark”. The website is by Bill Courson.

    Folkspraak planen tu utfuhren in en regional Skale, wad die Esperanto ond andere planered Spraakens for de Werld hav sielen.

    “Folkspraak aims to achieve on a regional scale what Esperanto and other planned languages have aimed for globally.”

  • Fjinnjikulla is a language-game that transforms Italian text into faux-Finnish. It is created by Tommaso Donnarumma.

    hyoiolulla “freeze”

  • Flaidish (rhymes with plaid-ish) is invented by Mark Rosenfelder.

    Se gaar fostpo garchet, ʔok fotse for ʔy lesteʔo.

    “If you cooked catfish, I'm going to a restaurant.”

  • Gamyar is the language of a mysterious people discovered in Siberia in 1929, following reports of large shiny objects flying through the sky at “immeasurable speed”. It uses the Cyrillic script.

    Лалутэгэ Родината, аяжла свобдузлиd, газву забрузыжла эсунг братствокат!

    Lalutege Rodinata, ayazhla svobduzlið, gazvu zabruzyzhla esung bratstvokat!

    “Sing to the Motherland, our freedom, bulwark of peoples strong in brotherhood!”

  • Ganh is a language-sketch based around triconsonantal roots.


    “A dog I don't like who's close to you and far from me.”

  • Gnollish is made by Jacob Sherman. Currently there is a wordlist and some information about pronunciation.

    kágawn “mountain”

  • Gnomish, or (in Gnomish) Relgaddyd, is one of my own conlangs. It is notable for being a quasi-cipher of English, though quite a sophisticated one. This means that new words can be generated algorithmically from their English equivalents.

    Gol nemwdfyn lomwthed.

    “I recall skiing.”

  • Hallon is a language by Paul V. Townsend.

    Ha mu gom urieba, mo se ha vadu sil vul ruvashu udol.

    “I couldn't sleep, so I came out here to look at the stars.”

  • Ichu Ilngwoy is a language designed to mirror the experience of an acid trip: words inflect based on whatever color you happen to be experiencing the referent as and how real you think it is, sentences can be infinitely long, there are no third-person pronouns, and everything has its proper level of vibe. Brought to you by Robbie C.

    afrkoy asflo ashfloy akrso.

    “The fork is useful and the shovel is crazy.”

  • Ido describes itself as “improved Esperanto”. It has fewer required grammatical markings and a more naturalistic derivational morphology than Esperanto.

    La mondo bezonas facila linguo.

    “The world needs an easy language.”

  • Interlingua is a language for international communication. It is similar to Esperanto, but more scientifically developed: the grammar and vocabulary are extracted from several European languages.

    Iste sitos es indicate simplemente proque illos utilisa interlingua.

    “These sites are listed simply because they use Interlingua.”

  • Jutean is a language with Austronesian alignment (i.e. it features both ergative and accusative alignments), a lexicon of ~4800 words, and three grammatical genders: common, abstract, and “wild”.

    Memo tuuvohi, haa? Sino ta tovivohi.

    “Did I say downgrade? I meant upgrade.”

  • Keneak is a conlang by ME! It tries to be a logical language while incorporating some artistry.

    yot xearram an lam hiko ed tsion jore met koalrath.

    “The pirates, on the other hand, did not believe that hats had souls.”

  • Klingon was designed by Marc Okrand for the Klingon race of Star Trek. It uses capital and lowercase Roman letters to represent different sounds.

    nuqDaq'oH puchpa''e'?

    “Where is the bathroom?”

  • Makwa Agal is an artlang invented by Robbie C.

    Eyuha lala wengi dach.

    “I don't care that you're sweaty.”

  • Naūkeman is a conlang by eggramen. Currently, it has a pronunciation guide and wordlist.


    “Hello, how are you?”

  • Palo is a conlang with a color-based writing system, invented by Robbie C. It is designed to capture a very specific aesthetic.

    Mi sa tuka pa tutun.

    “I don't want insects.”

  • Soleian is the main language of the continent of Soleia. Currently, it has a phonology, phrasebook, and writing system.

    Lêm sâ tsiâ né.

    “I love you.”

  • Streich is a language by Tommaso Donnarumma.

    Es luin. Wánun kant ewa nyru ab. Hymun e swardwiny. Thérn feriek denn i trewi te ferlíf i birch án: mechti ferkréth fal chewa plau ji nyrfyn.

    “It rains. Down from the sky the water falls. Brooks are freezing. But throw wood into the fire and drive the winter out; and pour sweet wine without thrift.”

  • Taruven is a language by kaleissin.

    lenēth šuìkuì šuìhrenn

    “They say, ‘live by the sword, die by the sword.’”

  • Triva lapur, or “universal metaconstant”, has a glyphic script and an associated con-religion. Created by Cenysor.

    Yisun undlashar putravum

    “YISUN is capable of contemplating nothing.”

  • Wanjar is a fusional language from a fictional continent on our own planet. Created by Cenysor.

    Aikote paniri ne gordot hornajurere ka kanot kun srerinur, ca fajen jeduminu aicomo gaujiner lorumur.

    “The North Wind and the Sun were disputing which was the stronger, when a traveler came along wrapped in a warm cloak.”

  • Zaynktooks is a language by Spence.

    roDanvo eqaZ ryqDAlo VeBeqec graDu zAnqDUqZec.

    “Hello and welcome to the official Zaynktooksian web site.”

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