Language of Thought

prepositions only attach to verbs, not nouns No inflectional morphology, only derivational

eldali - person+group eldanos - person+family (natural set) eldana(th) - person+all eldas - person+cluster (âth) eldar - person+sequence (lineage?) eldu - person+pair

-eth - abstract noun -ui - adjective -ir, -or, -dir - agent

Ni, vi, cui Le, elye É, dé, sai


Eldana sai eldanath Vereth é vereth Ni reni'r aldar


person man woman child boy girl snake spider dog knife tree star sun moon mountain song dance horse night day fruit river ocean lake silence stillness clamor din dream ship house shadow stone road bowl cup pot bow arrow weapon family bridge game head eye hand leg ear heart string meat snow water sits walks runs eats drinks sleeps sings dances laughs cries dies is born appears is [adjective] vanishes wakes speaks talks makes [nounPhrase] sees [nounPhrase] carries [nounPhrase] bears [nounPhrase] remembers [nounPhrase] memorizes [nounPhrase] gives [nounPhrase] to [nounPhrase] yields [nounPhrase] touches [nounPhrase] awakens [nounPhrase] kisses [nounPhrase] embraces [nounPhrase] speaks with [nounPhrase] whole broken small great rotten clean dirty straight crooked dark black light bright heavy dim white red ancient young living dead dawn morning evening night

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