Albums of an Elvish Bent

The Lind in-Edhil page lists many individual songs; this page collects the albums I've returned to over and over.

Album Artist Notable Tracks First listen
Trespass Genesis Dusk, Visions of Angels 2007
Selling England By The Pound Genesis 2006
Heroes of Might and Magic IV OST Paul Romero Grassland Theme 2004
The Twin Trees In Gowan Ring 2008
The Glinting Spade In Gowan Ring 2008
Love Charms In Gowan Ring 2008
Compendium In Gowan Ring 2020
Hazel Steps Through a Weathered Home In Gowan Ring Kingdom of the Shades 2006
Songs from the Wood Jethro Tull 2019
Thick as a Brick Jethro Tull 2006
Benefit Jethro Tull 2006
Dragonslayer Sunset Rubdown Silver Moons, Dragonslayer 2011
New Space Music Brian Eno 2020
Once Nightwish 2005
Wishmaster Nightwish 2006
Songs from the Labyrinth Sting 2006
Unia Sonata Arctica 2020
Andorra Caribou 2010
Lightness Brian Eno 2020

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