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The 20-aughts were a heady time for geeks like myself. It seemed like every time you turned around another computer revolution had happened while you weren't looking. In 2002 my family bought a laptop with a 4GB hard drive and almost immediately upgraded it to 40GB. A year later we doubled the RAM so I could render video on it. Even so, by the time we retired that computer in 2006, it was very, very obsolete.

Little things that we take for granted now were nearly inconceivable then. Like the first time I saw a laptop with wifi, it blew my mind. The idea that something so small could access information anywhere in the world without being physically connected to anything was so incredible that the device itself seemed radiant with the power of it.

And what did we do with that incredible power? We made and watched Flash videos, of course! And lo, we saw that the Flash videos were good.

Sadly, most modern browsers no longer support Flash. I can't say I'm really opposed to this, because Flash had some pretty awful security and performance problems, but I mourn the the games and other interactive content that we've had to throw out along with it. Ah well, in another 20 years someone will have made an emulator for it, I suppose.

You can still experience the Flash videos of old, though, via the miracle of YouTube! I have also appended a selection of my favorite (Happy) Hardcore music from the era.

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