LeechBlock is a browser extension that prevents you from accessing websites you've deemed distracting or otherwise injurious. It has a host of configuration options, including:

  • the option to blur a site or render it in grayscale instead of blocking it completely.
  • the option to block sites only at certain times of day, or to limit how long you can spend on a site in a given time period.
  • alternative pages to display if you visit a blocked site.

Usage Ideas

YouTubeless YouTube

You can configure LeechBlock to open youtube video links in the rivendell.neocities.org player. This has a few advantages:

  • No ads
  • No Google trackers or cookies
  • No YouTube comments

Here's what my config looks like:

configuration for LeechBlock to open youtube videos on rivendell.neocities.org

The relevant parts are:

  • The list of URLs to block contains *.youtube.com/watch
  • The time period is 0000-2400 (click the all day button)
  • All days are selected
  • The URL of the page to show instead of the blocked site is https://rivendell.neocities.org/watch#$U.