Lind-in-Edhil ❖ Elvish Songs

None of these are in any Elvish language, and only a few are Tolkien-inspired. I call these Elvish songs because they are rich with the deep joy and subtle sorrow that can only come from a connection to the life and beauty of the Earth.

Progressive Rock

  • I remember the first time I heard this song. I was in high school. My parents had put the album on to introduce me to some of the music they listened to when they were my age, and this was the opening track. I thought it was kind of weird and boring until the very end, when the haunting flute comes in, and the bells... I suddenly became aware that these Genesis guys might know something, that they might have something important to say.

  • Gets good around 4m15s.

  • They probably read Lord of the Rings.


Psychedelic and Neo-Folk

Traditional and World Music

Classical and Early Music

  • This is a mashup of an old Italian dance tune by Giorgio Mainerio with a traditional Galician song.

Game Soundtracks

Indie Rock

  • the Stars, the Moon / they have all been blown out; / you left me in the dark.
    no dawn, no day / I'm always in this twilight / in the shadow of your heart.

  • Content Warning: death, drowning


  • Totally off topic, but I love the font used in this video. If anyone can identify it for me, I'd be grateful!

  • The way I see things is so simple / The fact I'm walking standing on this land... / But I still don't get the point: What's worth destroying all the world? Try not to get it anymore.

New Age

  • · Lyrics ·

  • This song doesn't remind me of LotR as much as it does of LotR fanfic... most specifically Protectors of the Plot Continuum in its lighter and less gory moments. I just need a metal song to go with this one, and we'd have a soundtrack...




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