A language.

Design Concepts

  • definite article, but no indefinite article
  • inflecting prepositions
  • VSO
  • no grammatical gender
  • no verb to have


Letter Slender Broad
b b
bh v
c c k
ch ç x
d ʤ d
dh j w
f f
g ɟ g
gh (silent) (silent)
l l
m m
mh v
n n
p p
ph f
r r
s ʃ s
t ʧ t
th ç h
Vowel Pre-Palatalizing Pre-Velarizing Post-Pal Post-Vel
a - ái -
o - ói -
u - úi -
e - - éo
i - - ío

Phonological Processes


Consonant Lenited
b bh
c ch
d dh
g gh
m mh
p ph
t th


Consonant Eclipsed
b mb
c gc
d nd
g ng
p bp
t dt


Noun phrases are head-initial.

Modifiers that immediately follow their head noun are lenited.