Fantasy/SF Conlang Test Sentences

Here are some phrases and sentences you can translate to test that your conlang can handle various grammatical constructions. They are roughly ordered from least to most complex.

The point is not to imitate English grammar, but to consider how your language's speakers would express each of these ideas and contrasts.

I've tried to keep the vocabulary simple and culturally-neutral. You might need to adjust some of these sentences for non-Earth or non-human cultures, though.

The Sentences

  • the red sun
  • a red sun
  • the white river
  • The sun is red
  • It is red
  • Is it red?
  • a red-sun day
  • They are by the river
  • Are they by the river?
  • I see smoke
  • We lit a fire
  • You saw it
  • You have seen it
  • We did not see them
  • Is anyone here?
  • Where is everyone?
  • They are not here
  • Luckily, they found us
  • We quickly climbed the stone
  • When did they leave?
  • When can we come?
  • I want to see the moon again
  • They think we can eat rocks
  • Does she know you are there?
  • Do you know if she is there?
  • The children traveled with the elders
  • Its leaves are like those of a fern
  • The more you fight them, the more they resist