## LIFE squires - stun is good, but it doesn't happen reliably, so you can't really use these guys tactically. JUNK crossbowmen - powerful ranged attackers. Excellent for siege defense. SUPPORT/KEY pikemen - melee attack from far away, preventing retaliation. The extra reach isn't all that useful, though. ballistae - mechanical, so not vulnerable to a lot of spells. The downside is, you also can't heal them. You're better off using your gold and army slots on another stack of monks. monks - excellent ranged attackers. A mid-level knight and two stacks of 30-40 monks can demolish everything in their path. KEY crusaders - two attacks, so good for siege attacking. They have Death Ward, so they're good when fighting Death. Otherwise, choose monks. angels - resurrection! But a bit more fragile than other rank 4s. Resurrection scales with the number of angels, but is often tricky to time and there are more effective ways of keeping your troops/heroes alive anyway (healing, potion of immortality, martyr) champions - the weakest rank 4 in the game. Good thing they're cheap. Hero strategy: Hard to go wrong with a knight and a priest. Defense, Leadership (which gives your troops luck, lowering damage of attacks against them), and healing spells combine to keep your troops alive through the toughest battles. Don't take the resurrection skill; you're better off spending the levels on better magic and spamming healing/defensive spells. ## DEATH