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HTML Backgrounds

Here is a gallery of background images you can use in your Neocities site. The images are designed to tile (i.e. repeat infinitely) to cover a background of any size.

  1. Right-click the background you want and select “Save image as...” to download it.
  2. Upload the image file to your site.
  3. Change the <body> tag of your HTML to add the background to your page (be sure to change “background.png” to the name of the file):
          <body style="background:url('/background.png');">


Source: anlucas.neocities.org
Source: rachelstuckey.net
Sources: loog.neocities.org, sevenstars.neocities.org
Source: mistysworld.neocities.org
Source: spacecat.neocities.org


Source: girlbenji.neocities.org
Source: hellosailor.neocities.org
Source: loversproblem.neocities.org
Source: zorgbravle.neocities.org
Source: onett.neocities.org
The "black" squares are actually transparent! Source: fweeby-webcomic.neocities.org

Paper and Parchment

Source: taliesin.nvg.org
Source: jonathan-guide.neocities.org
Source: elvish.org
Source: uteged.com
Source: wolfgang.neocities.org


Source: graphic.neocities.org
Source: capsule.neocities.org
Source: Ardalambion
Transparent! Source: retrozone.neocities.org


Source: anlucas.neocities.org
Source: wmcdesmond.neocities.org
Source: darkm00t.neocities.org
Source: radioactivemoth.neocities.org
Source: radioactivemoth.neocities.org

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